Computerized Payroll package and generating Payroll.

Maintaining Attendance record, leave record, Salary wages registers etc.

Deductions as per applicable laws like Provident Fund, Professional Tax etc.

Preparation of Department wise, location wise and cost center wise salary sheets.

Preparation of Arrear Sheets.

Providing monthly salary slips to the individual employees.

Salary report for stop payment.

Calculation of Overtime, Bonus etc.

Prepare Full & Final settlement for ceased employees.

Preparation MIS reports.

Online Registration of Employees.

Online data entry of the Insured Persons on ESI web portal as per new amendment.

Scanning of Individual/Family Photographs and Signatures of the Insured person and uploading it for   

obtaining ESI Numbers. Online Temporary ESIC Card (TEC) Printing. Online correction of employee details whichever is possible.

Assistance to employees in claiming various ESI benefits.

Assistance in Filling and submission of Accident Forms.

Obtaining Permanent ESIC Card (PEC) from the ESI Branch office.

Factory Act Services

Factory Registration and obtaining Factory License from the Department. Maintenance

and submission of the following statutory Records / Returns etc. under Factories act, 1948.


Name of the return/Act Return Form Number:

Factory Act , 1948 Form no. 34

Payment of Wages Act, 1936 Form IV-A

Minimum Wages Act & Rules Form No. III

Workmen's compensation Act Annual Return

Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 L.M.N.

Half Yearly return Form No. 22

Shops and Establishment Act

Any citizen who wishes to open new shop or a commercial establishment wants to

commence its business within the jurisdictions of Government of Delhi, must register.

itself under the shops and commercial Establishment Act 1954.

Online Registration of New License

Renewal Of License

Cancellation of License

Change in License (Address and name in Occupier)